As the applications are coming in, the pageant committee and myself are receiving several questions. Here is a list of FAQ that I am receiving. Hope it helps!

Q1. I have never done a pageant before/ I am new at pageants !!

A. Do not worry. Miss Asia Sacramento accepts ladies with some or no experience. Experience is not necessary.

Q2. What can I do to better prepare myself?

A. This is a very vague question but my best advice is to do your research. Youtube pageant clips and watch how ladies walk and pose! Those can make a difference on stage. You also want to practice walking in heels as much as you can between now and pageant night – it never hurts to start early.

Q3. What kind of outfits will I need for this particular pageant?

A. There are 3 crucial outfits you will need to provide to complete your wadrobe. The first is the ethnic costume – it should reflect your culture. Props and/or dance costumes are encouraged. The second is the swimsuit – it can be either a 1 piece or 2 piece, but do not wear black or thong-bottom pieces. Lastly, your evening gown – it should be elegant, but most importantly, a color and cut that suits you. Many women make the mistake of buying the cliche white pageant gown that “always” wins but actually that’s a myth. I won in a lime green dress, a very risky color to work with – but I chose a cut that I felt comfortable to move in and it was very form-fitting for my figure.

Q4. What can I expect from the interview? I’m nervous.

A. Don’t worry – the interview process is all about getting to KNOW you. It’s not an interrogation, but more of a conversation. Be natural and be yourself, this is your time to share anything we might have missed from the application.

Q5. Any tips and tricks of the trade?

A. The 3 things I never go without during a pageant : 1) Crest Whitestrips for whitening your teeth – a white smile is more radiant and confident. 2) Gradual tanning lotion – I personally choose not to tan indoors so I buy gradual tanning lotion. 3) Strapless stick-on bra- it stays very hidden underneath your evening gown and the backless/strapless part is awesome and suitable for any cut of dress.

Last but not least, HAVE FUN. I have learned that it’s not really about winning the crown, but cherishing the moments along the way and having the most fun you can have on pageant night. Through this, you’ll make great memories and better yourself each day =) !