This past week I was honored to be invited by the Chinese Education Center in San Francisco’s historic Chinatown district for my first appearance as Miss Asia Sacramento.

The Chinese Education Center is a transitional 1-year school for Chinese-speaking, recently arrived immigrant students in kindergarten through fifth grades. It was established in 1969 at the urgency of the Chinese community in San Francisco to address the eduational and social needs of the newcomer students and families.

I was paired up with a group of 4th graders and had the chance to help tutor them on their homework.  Since English is their second language, i had to brush up on my own Cantonese in order to communicate with the students.

After homework, they had a small snack of animal crackers and juice boxes, then it was off to recess! Which was always my favorite part of school when i was younger. We all got to play four-square and handball. It was a fun walk down memory lane as the kids had to teach me the rules of the game once again.

Finally, the last part of the day was activities hosted by the different program directors. The children were split up into groups of 10 and each and each director had an activity planned out. One group planted pea-shoot seeds, another group learned to make rice krispie treats, and the last group learned how to fold origami. All the while the kids had the chance to brush up on their English and learn a new craft.

I had so much fun getting to know each student!