For those Asians that live near or in Sacramento, you should be familiar with the the Asian community around the streets of Stockton Blvd. and Florin Rd. Just recently, they have announced to the public that they are naming  2 miles of Stockton Blvd. as Little Saigon- a very well known city in Southern Vietnam. Little Saigon offers a variety of restaurants, jewelry stores, hair and nail salons, and Asian markets. In many cases, a celebration is held before the opening; you might be familiar with cutting a red ribbon.  But for this occasion, many significant individuals poured dirt over a marbled stone. Christina and I happened to be 2 of those individuals. It was such a great honor to be present and represent our title and to be there to support our Vietnamese background. There were traditional lion dragons that danced along with the beat of the drums and Vietnamese veterans saluted and marched to the yellow red stripped flag.  A couple weeks after the opening, a fundraiser was held in, where Christina and I were invited back to be in an Ao Dai fashion show. With music, a full course meal, dances, and fashion shows, time flew by while you’re having fun! I am excited to see the full Little Saigon strip and honored to have been a part of the progress!

For further information, you can visit the link from the Sacramento Bee: