“Katie was born in China, and was adopted by an American family. She was diagnosed with AML in 2006, and recently relapsed. A marrow transplant is her best hope for a cure. Katie is of Chinese decent and has no known siblings, her best chance of a match will be from someone who is Chinese or of other Asian Pacific Islander descent.”

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I am sad to announce that one of our delegates, Katie Cramer, was once diagnosed with leukemia, but after a couple weeks of being crowned 2nd Princess of Miss Teen Asia Sacramento her leukemia relapsed. I never truly experienced the feeling of having someone so close to you and to discover they have cancer until I met Katie ,and to find out that it has relapsed is even more tragic. From the pageant, and events, I grew closer to Katie and care for her deeply-just as family, along with the other teens and misses!  I only wish the best for her and hope to be the best as her #1 supporter. Katie has an extremely big heart and a sweet kind personality.   She only deserves the best of the best. We are doing all we can to help, and I can speak on both courts that we hope to see Katie gets all that she needs, not to loose hope, that we have her back every step of the way, and that we love her!

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2 weeks ago, Katie, and mother, Sherrie Cramer, invited me to a press conference at the State Capitol. Where news stations/press such as KRCA, News 10, and other new stations/papers recorded an interview with Katie, Sherrie, senators, etc.  and to give exposure to AADP- dedicated to helping save the lives of patients with life threatening blood diseases curable by a stem cell transplant.
The conference was filmed Thursday night and aired later that day. In crown and sash, you might of seen me too! It was a simple 10 minute process of filling out paper work, then a quick cotton swab in the mouth to see if you matched anyone who is in need of a bone marrow transplant. After hours after trying to gather in more possible matches with Katie herself, and her friend Katie Wong, I took the initiative to place myself behind the chair to help the volunteers do the cotton swab process. The event was mainly designed to find Katie a Chinese match, but unfortunately, the results turned out as a negative and Sherrie flew to China in search of a match. However, we do truly appreciate those who came out to be part of the registry, and possibly be a match for someone to help save their life. If interested in registering, please visit:

Make sure to visit my blog ever so often to see upcoming events, we hope to hold fundraisers to raise money for Katie and her family.