A day after the Miss Filipina pageant, MAS/MTAS were invited back to attend the Filipina Fiesta 2010. The fiesta was similar to the Pacific Rims Festival, but rather than having all the cultures present, Philippines took over!  But nothing is wrong with that! I truly enjoyed the pancit and the fried bananas, last but not least, the Filipino people and energy. Tents displayed Filipino food, drinks, jewelry, networks, traditional dances, etc. Susan and Emily, princesses of the Miss Asia Sacramento court, accompanied me at the Crossing TVs booth, cheering on those who spun the prize wheel. Later in the day, we were invited on stage as we gave a brief intro and elaborated on who and what Miss Asia Sacramento is about. We hope to see faces at the event in the pageant next year! Just like Pacific Rims, we took donations for our program books and I must say, being the generous kind hearted Filipinos I know they are, many contributed in helping out our pageant by buying program books and even gave us extra donations! So, I just like to personally thank you for the support and thank you for having us! Mabuhay everyone!