On the 14th of July, Christina -3rd Princess and I joined AADP at the City Hall located in downtown Sacramento. With a group of several volunteers, we guided generous individuals in the process of becoming a part of the bone marrow registry. Christina and I walked down a street to the farmers market and held signs to spread the word about coming to register. It was as if we were on a strike! With success, we gathered others to the way of the process; filling out an information sheet and then 4 cotton swaps! Today’s event is very familiar to my “Katie Cramer 2nd Princess” blog. It is practically the same concept, just in a different environment and new faces! Christina and I had the opportunity to talk to News 10, KRCA, and 1530AM News Talk radio about the event and what/who we are about. In addition, look for our faces on TV! Council Member Rob Fong  joined us at the event and took his time off from the Capitol to register and we were given the honor to have met officers from the Asian Peace Officer Association; such as Vice President, Randy Kajioka.  It was an honor to of have come across the two. It made the AADP event much more significant.

I would like to take the time to thank those who took the time to register and possibly ”be the one to save a life”