On Thursday, July 15th, the California State Fair welcomed Christina, Bianca, and I to be a part of the fair. From the opening of the fair to closing, both Miss and Miss Teen Asia Sacramento were invited to be a part of their daily parade; every day of the parade starting at 6:30 Pm. At the fair, we shared the parade route with mascots, local school bands, the Rivercats truck, the royal court of Miss Placer County, etc. Christina, Bianca, and I each had our own corvettes to ride in and wave and blow kisses to the crowd. Along the route we were given beads to throw into the crowd. It was a route about a mile long. I can say that I can speak for all of us that we had a blast. Christina and I later joined the crowd and went around the state fair to eat and see what was going on. There are definitely fun rides this year to go on and the prices of all food is cut 25% off, so the prices were more affortable and enjoyable for everyone! I granutee that this will not be my last time at the fair. Join us for our cooking show with Chef/Miss Asia Sacramento Tiffany Tsui July 24th, and our national costume fashion show July 21st! Get out and have fun in the sun!

I would personally thank Darlene and Zarah for holding the Miss Asia Sacramento banner in the parade! I understand it was very hot to walk the length under the sun!