Over the past two months, I have been training for the 25th annual Miss Asian America Pageant. I had the opportunity to compete with 19 beautiful ladies from all across the U.S and from all different walks of life. Some girls are just beginning their life as a college student and others are accomplished business women. We even had a contestant who was a federal agent!

The Miss Asian America pageant was founded by Rose Chung in 1985 and is highly recognized in the pageant world.  It is also the longest running Asian American pageant in the U.S. Needless to say, the training for the pageant is nothing short of detailed.

We had training classes which included runway walks, public speaking, Asian history, etiquette, and many inspirational speakers. I felt very prepared to represent my Chinese community!

I am delighted to say that although I did not place in the pageant, the lessons learned and friendships made, has made this experience very heartfelt. I learned a lot about myself and am not one bit discouraged to share my experiences with future contestants!

Congratulations to the new Miss Asian America, Sarah Liu !