I was invited by the California State Fair Expo to have a cooking demonstration! It was such an exciting event since I’ve never done it before! Being a chef is all about hiding behind in a kitchen, hardly ever showing your face. With the demonstration, I had to speak to a live audience on how to prepare the dish, step by step. I felt like Rachel Ray on 30 Minute Meals because that was about the time I had to prepare, measure, and bake!

Originally I had submitted a recipe of Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes with  Matcha Frosting for the Cal State Expo’s website.  But upon arriving in their kitchens, the directors there told me they did not have all the ingredients needed for my cupcakes and I just had to make due. Luckily, I had my MAS court members with me and immediately we came up with a substitute!

We scrounged around for ingredients we could use and we came up with Lime Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Coconut frosting!  I had my princesses help me measure, whisk, and sift ingredients while I chatted up the audience and the host, Mark. He was really funny and kept me on my toes! You would not imagine how difficult it is to cook and organize a recipe while trying to answer what your favorite vegetable is!

I had a blast sharing my skills as a pastry chef and as Miss Asia Sacramento to the fair goers at the California State Fair! Thank you to Nancy Emelio for having us!