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John Robert Powers hosted their very first pageant, and MAS was invited to be a part of it. JRP is one of our sponsors, so of course we will be there! Debra attended as one of the judges and I was there to watch the pageant and crown the winners. However, I did more than just that! I helped assist judging Miss Photogenic and tallied up all the scores. I’ve never done so much math in one day of my life! But I was more than happy to do so. The pageant was different to all the other pageants I have been too, mostly because the ages ranged from 11 months old to 14 years old. They were all so adorable and precious. Out of all the pageants, I probably enjoyed attending this pageant the most. I would constantly watch the contestants and have a smile on my face. They were all just too cute! In addition, for a first pageant, I think the Sacramento Sweetheart Pageant did very well.