Hello everyone!

My name is Namy Herr, the 2011 Miss Asia Sacramento. It is such an honor to have been crowned Miss Asia Sacramento and is a blessing to be apart of this amazing, growing family.

I want to begin by saying “thank you” to all of the staff and “congratulations” to all of the girls! We have all truly grown so much with one another within these short two months. We have created a sisterhood, a family, and an everlasting friendship with one another. All the rehearsals and times getting to know each other have been some of the most memorable times of my life.

It is amazing how a small dream of mine is now reality. I grew up watching pageants and saw how elegant all the girls were, their confidence exonerated to me and I saw what great role models they were. I told myself that one day I want to be on the stage and inspire others like the many beauty queens who looked up to. I remember filling out the registration paper work months before it was due and reviewing it daily, hesitant of whether I should compete or not.

As I attended the many rehearsals, I found myself growing and saw a side of myself that I have not before. I realized how much more self confidence I gained along the way, I truly discovered the art of patience and persistence along the way as well.

The night of the pageant (April 23, 2011 @ Radisson Hotel) was such a fun and crazy night… I tripped and nearly sprained my ankle 3 times running up and down the stages to get back stage but the adrenaline rush kept me going. Not to mention having only 45 minutes to get ready with make up and hair! I was so blessed with a talented make up artist who did my hair and make up in a timely matter. I was always excited for my turn to go on stage because I knew that having a positive attitude would keep me calm.

My favorite part of the night was the awards ceremony, it was amazing to see all my sisters and I at our best and being recognized for our hard work. I want to congratulate each and everyone of the girls who competed, I’ve definitely seen how much we all have gained better self confidence, public speaking skills, and the way we exonerate our inner and outer beauty. The moment of the master of ceremony calling my name as the winner was an amazing feeling and I am still trying to soak it all in that I am the 2011 Miss Asia Sacramento! I am happy to be sharing this year alongside my beautiful royal court and the new Miss Teen Asia Sacramento! I am honored and wish to serve my year faithfully and to the fullest of my abilities.

Namy Herr
Miss Asia Sacramento 2011