May 15th was an exciting day for me, Miss Asia Sacramento, and some of the court. We were invited to go to our first pageant to watch. Namy and I were also invited to pass out awards during the Awards Ceremony. The contestants themselves were amazing and their family and friends cheered for them the loudest they could. I think everyone could tell that each contestant had a great support team. 🙂

The talent portion by far was my favorite part. Some recited poems, made speeches, praised-dance. One girl even played drums to a tribute to Michael Jackson, which was my favorite of the night. The rest of the night went quickly after that as girl by girl walked and posed for the judges. Finally it was time for awarding! The awards ceremony was great especially as this time I wasn’t the one anxiously waiting. The new Miss Black Teen Sacramento and Miss Black Sacramento are both gorgeous as well as the 2010 MBTS and MBS. It was such a fun and exciting event to go to. I hope we’re able to go to more pageants to go and watch. It’s a learning experience as well, so if anyone wants to learn and join a pageant, go and watch one first!