WOW! I cannot believe that it is already March. Time has flew by so quickly. I want to take time to share with you all what has been happening these past couple of months.

I want to reflect back to the season of thanks giving, November 2011. The month of November for everyone is always a time to be with family and giving back.

On November 11, 2011 mysImageelf along with 2010 Teen Queen Deanna Nguyen were invited to participate in the Veteran’s Day Parade at the Sacramento State capitol.

It fell on November 11, 2011 (all elevens), but with troops in Iraq coming home before the end of the year, there was lot of new veterans to celebrate.Veterans Day falls on the ending day of World War I. And though veterans of all wars could use more than one national holiday to recognize them, everyone was able to celebrate this day by attending the parade! It was chilly morning but it was wonderful to see all the different organizations and beauty queens come to support the people who have fought for our country. I am so proud to be an American and thankful that we have wonderful people who care for our safety. Thank you to the wonderful Corvette Club who generously drove us with their beautiful cars during the parade.

On November 22, 2011 Miss Asia Sacramento was invited to attend the Midnight Masquerade Fashion Show hosted by Sacramento State Univeristy Student Fashion Association. Christina Vo, Susan Lin, and Namy HerrAll the proceeds of this event was given to The Autism Center for Excellence (ACE). Our very own Emily Tang, who was 2nd princess in the 2010 pageant, MCed the event! She did a wonderful job with her confidence and strong speaking skills. The most amazing thing about this event was that all the designers were able to show case their collection yet contribute back to the community. Myself along with Teen Princess 2010, Christina Vo, and 2010 Princess Susan Lin, and staff members Erika Geer and Sarah Lew attended this event. We had a blast seeing the wonderful designs–each collection was fresh and chich.

In addition to the wonderful month of November, it also happens to be the time the Hmong Community celebrates their New Year. Being Hmong, I was extremely excited to be able to spend time with my family, friends, and share more with Teen Queen Christina Yan my culture and customs. SeImageveral important political leaders attended and it was a privilege to meet them all.

I was invited to be the MC of the eventImage and sing a special song, I had a great time! I learned more about public speaking skills and really had to utilize improv to keep the crowd lively when there were short breaks between special speakers and performances. Though it was cold and gloomy the event was lively and festive with all the beautiful costumes and lovely excited people who attended.

ImageThis new years celebration lasts for four days and within the celebration there are several competitions and also a beauty pageant for the title of “MISS HMONG CALIFORNIA.” I was able to watch and support 2010 Princess, Luc Her compete and win the title! She did a wonderful job and with the experience of Miss Asia Sacramento and the addition of her beauty and talents she was able to win the title–I am so proud and happy for her.

This video I included has Luc singing a traditional Hmong folk styled song. She was also awarded Miss Talent too!


Let’s move forward to the festive month of December! On December 28 I waImages invited to be a model for the YOUTH REVIVAL FASHION SHOW, which was held in Fresno,CA. This fashion show emphasized on Hmong designers to show case their work. I modeled for Bai Vang in her BLOSSOM Spring collection. I was extremely excited when she showed me the dress I would be modeling because 1) It was my favorite color 2) It did not need much alterations. I got to work with amazing girls and got close with them instantly! The make up artists also did an amazing job and wowed me with the look they gave. I absolutely loved my outfit and did not want to take it off. It was a great event, each designer showed their best and can not wait to see where they will all go in the future. If you’d like to know more about the very talented Bai Vang, visit her website:


I began 2012 with a reunion with my MAS Family after seveImageral months of not seeing everyone together. We had a Holiday Party to celebrate the holiday season and the new year. It was great to be with everyone again and was great to meet some of the new contestants, Michelle and Judy, as well. We had an white elephant gift exchange and I won a lovely tea set (I love tea!). This was a time of getting closer with one another and importantly remembering how thankful I am to be apart of such an amazing second family.

I got to hang out with Teen Queen 2011 Christina Yan and Miss Community Service Phet Tran along with the amazing staff! I did not realize that putting on a pageant would be so much work and dedication but nothing would be possible without the staff. I am grateful that everyone is supportive of each other and helps one another.

ImageWith two 2012 contestants, Judy and Michelle


Gifts from Debra


With my dearest sisters, Sabrina + Christina

Before the my winter break was over I did a photoshoot with Mrs Asia Sacramento and Miss Teen Asia Sacramento. It was so much fun and had a blast with our amazing hair and make up team. We did individual and group shots. Thank you to Khong Meng Lee Photography who sponsored our shoot, visit his website for more information about his:! Here are some photos for a sneek peak… stay tuned for more!

ImageSince being crowned along side Christina, we have become the best of friends!



 With Love,

Namy Herr

Miss Asia Sacramento 2011