March 17th 2012 was designated as “Community Service Day.” The 2012 contestants, staff, Miss Community Service Phet Tran, Teen Queen Christina Yan, and myself donated new to gently used beauty products and packaged it for My Sister’s House. My Sister’s House seeks to eliminate domestic violence in the Asian and Pacific Islander community through family education, and by increasing the self-determination of Asian and Pacific Islander women ( Everyone had so much fun putting everything together, I know My Sister’s House will appreciate our contribution. In addition it was the night that the Miss Asia Sacramento 2012 contestants made their first appearance at the2012 Media Launch Party!

2012 Miss Contestants and I showing off the bags we put together!


It was a wonderful night filled with excitement! Beside the revealing of the lovely 2012 contestants, the Media Launch Party was dedicated to fundraising money for AADP, the Asian American Donor Program. The Asian American Donor Program is an nonprofit organization which helps find matches for patients diagnosed with blood cancers, blood or bone diseases that can only be treatable by a bone marrow/stem cell transplant ( AADP and MAS holds a friendship through our late teen princess, Katie Cramer. Just a few days after Katie Cramer was crowned 2nd Princess, she was informed by doctors that her leukemia was back. Katie fought her battle with leukemia to the very end. She passed away in January 2011. In honor of Katie, her friends and family continue to encourage people to register as potential marrow donors and help save lives ( That is why we invited AADP to host a drive during the event.

 We set a goal of $200 that night and was able to exceed our goal just within 20 minutes! The girls were divided into three teams–TEAM A: Judy Lee, Helena Chow, Jenny Mo, and Christina Lee; TEAM B: Samantha Termizi, Kalai Lam, and Regina Zhu; TEAM C: Rica Zhang, Michelle Thach, Jamie BaImageutista, and Brook Zhan–and responsible for trying to raise as much money as possible through selling raffle tickets. Congratulations to TEAM A won by selling the most tickets and to TEAM B and C for working hard too! I know that AADP will appreciate this donation to them. AADP has been partnered with Miss Asia Sacramento for several years. During this event we were fortunate enough to have Janet Liang, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in 2009, as a guest speaker. Janet, Thank you for showing us what the true meaning of courage and bravery is–you inspire me to advocate about why it is so important to register and I believe you will find your match soon.


The night ended with raffle prizes and lots of fun! I know the girls had a great time because they were all smiles through out the event and definitely helped make a huge contribution to the Asian American community.

Imagewith my lovely 2012 girls



with all my love,

Namy Herr

Miss Asia Sacramento 2011