On March 31st 2012 the Miss Asia Sacramento 2012 contestants, staff, and current court came together for a fun filled day of baseball! The Oakland A’s came to Sacramento to play the Sacramento Rivercats. Sacramento hosted Major League Baseball for the first time in half a decade when the Oakland A’s visit the Sacramento River Cats. Though it was cold and began rainy toward the end of the game, everyone has a great day. Before the game we were given a tour of Raley Field and indulged in yummy ball park food.

I spent this day getting to know the teens more since I’ve been working hands on with the Miss contestants more. They were a blast to sit with and cannot believe how incredibly intelligent they all are. I found out that Rica Zhang just got accepted to Duke University and am so proud of her accomplishments thus far. I personally learned a ton about the art of baseball from our teen contestant,Jamie Bautista. She educated me about how many innings there are (9!) and what is a good or bad pitch. I couldn’t believe how much she loved baseball and I now want to continue attending more baseball games!

Though the game ended early due to the rain, we were given a great fireworks show still! I know all the girls had fun and got to know one another on a better level.




with all my love,

Namy Herr

Miss Asia Sacramento 2011