I remember reading the past queens, Tiffany Tsui and Veronica Satori’s blogs about tips and hints before I thought about competing in the pageant and they all sure helped. I hope that my tips and hints will help just as much as Tiffany and Veronica’s did.

  • TIPS and HINTS!

1) Be yourself. The most important factor of this pageant is to just be yourself. Even though there are 12 or 13 girls you are competing with, being yourself will allow you to build true friendships and shine on stage.

2) Think positively. Do not second guess yourself because when you begin to do that you will lose sight of what is most important. Having a positive outlook about pageant night and what the results may be will allow you to actually do your best. Throughout the process up until pageant night I eliminated negative energy away from me and was in the mind set of only positivity. The night before the pageant I wrote a letter to myself as a reflection of my journey with the contestants and the prepping process; in the letter I included how I would feel if I was not crowned and also how I would feel if I was crowned. Having a positive mind set will let you shine on stage the best.

3) Outfits. Find outfits that will help you shine on stage. The colors you pick are important because if you choose one that does not compliment your skin tone, it will not look as good on you and will not help stand out. Always get a second opinion from someone you know who will be honest with you. Last year I almost went with a tan dress but with the second opinion I realized I wouldn’t stand out on stage, that’s why I went with the turquoise dress. When you choose outfits that you love and compliment you, you will be confident on stage and will wow the judges. *Thank you to my wonderful costume designer, Grandma Mai,who made my ethnic outfit and sewed everything together by hand! I appreciate your help and love so much.

ImageImageContestant #1 Diana Lam in her beautiful ethnic that stood out on stage so well!

4) Practice smiling and walking in your heels. I know this sounds bizarre but you want to practice holding your smile for pageant night! Not only that but you must multitask by smiling, walking (in heels!) and posing. How I practiced for this was I would put on my shoes that I was going to use for the night and I would go on the treadmill and put it on a low speed and practice smiling and walking. This is a secret that I have not told anyone except my readers! This was how I got used to my heels and perfected my stage smile.

Imagewith the beautiful contestants from 2011!

4) Find a make up artist and hair stylist who knows you. Your make up and hair stylist should know how you already want your hair and make up to be. Take the time to do trials for the most complimentary make up for you and the hair style that will look best for your outfits. During my trials last year I pretended like it was actually pageant night and timed everything. Make sure you communicate with them so that they know whether you will need any help with maybe zipping your outfit or if you have a complicated ethnic outfit make sure that they can help you! All the other girls will be too busy worrying about themselves and their outfits or hair and make up that they won’t have enough hands, so your hair and make up artist will be your best friend. Last year I had my MUA and close friend help me with everything; from putting on my shoes to my earrings or even just last minute touch ups—thank you Sunshine and Rose!

ImageTeen Princess, Shireen S.’s make up really stood out on stage that night!

5) Have fun! On pageant night, it will not even feel like a competition. I remember pageant night was so fun and exciting. The girls and I were backstage laughing and talking right before our turns. Remember, to be supportive of the girls around you and wish them luck. Last year, the girls and I memorized one another’s intro’s and would say it with the girl on stage who was presenting hers. Its an amazing and unforgettable night that you will never forget so don’t forget to have all the fun you can with one another because there will be few times again where you all can be together again and experience something like pageant night!

I wish all the contestants the best for pageant night (IN FOUR DAYS!!!) and hope these small tips will make a difference for your last week of preparation.

with all my love and luck,

Namy Herr                                                                                                                                                                      Miss Asia Sacramento 2011