It was Mid-November when I was called in for a Chinese Fashion Show for Monique Zhang’s new clothing line. As I was getting my make up done by Anna Le, she mentioned the Miss Asia Sacramento Pageant. That night, I told my mother about the pageant; she thought it was a great idea. I had no clue what I was getting myself into, and I was scared to death when I turned in my application to MAS. It turns out that I was accepted into the pageant; I didn’t have to be scared after all! 


Judy and I at the winter luncheon with the two beautiful Queens and Miss Community Service!

Christmas was just around the corner! Don’t get too excited! There was a luncheon for the new MAS contestants! YAY! We had a White Elephant with the contestants and staff. It was unusual because only Judy Lee and I were there. However, we still had an amazing time! I got a Circus Waffle Maker that I still use today; it was a wonderful white elephant gift! The staff were amazingly nice and answered all of our questions. I have to admit, I was very nervous, but they made me feel included and a part of the pageant! It was a wonderful experience! 


Orientation with the Lovely Contestants at Fugu Lounge

After the luncheon, there was orientation but this time, all of the contestants were there! I was very excited to meet the girls that I now call best friends! They were absolutely wonderful and beautiful! During the orientation, we learned proper etiquette, chatted with the other girls, shared our ethnic clothing, and of course, ATE! We chose our numbers and received our sashes (made with love by the wonderful staff)! I had a GREAT time meeting the contestants! ❤


This was the first day of Rehearsals! (Me, Christina Yan, Christina Lee, and Little Brooks!)


We finally got our MAS shirts! YAY! With only one week left, it was the last rehearsal before Pageant Night!

The first day of rehearsal was very challenging for me; I was shy, and I didn’t know what the staff had planned for us! We learned so much from the staff and the other girls! The day was filled with fun and A LOT of learning because there are only a couple of rehearsals before Pageant Night! The last rehearsal was way easier since I was used to everything! I wasn’t scared anymore, and I actually hoped for more rehearsals! I got a lot closer to the girls and felt so much more comfortable with the staff!


This was our very first bonding day at the Rivercats Game!

A week before pageant was bonding day, and it was super fun! We relaxed while watching the A’s play against the Rivercats! This was my first time at a game EVER, and it was so wonderful that I got to spend it with my girls! ❤ Most of the girls attended. Christina Yan and I ate a huge hot dog called the Dinger Dog, and it was actually really filling. As much as we were enjoying the game and the day, the game ended at the 7th inning due to the rain. After the game ended, we saw fireworks. It was tremendously cold, so we layered up! It was, overall, a great bonding day!


First up at Pageant night was the Ethnic Clothing!

Pageant night was a day to remember and out of all the days together, I remembered that night the most! It was a hectic day of rehearsing, changing, and moving my piano on stage! I was very nervous and wanted everything to be over! As I stepped onto the stage with my ethnic wear, I heard all my family and friends cheering me on and just like that, I wasn’t scared anymore! I stepped up my game because I knew that there were people there who really supported me! As the day came to an end, I didn’t want to get off the stage! However, sadly enough, I had to step off. My girls did a wonderful job on stage; they were all stunning! I cheered all of them on! I love each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart! The staff did a great job with keeping everything together and the contestants stress free! Thank you so much!  


Michelle Thach
Miss Teen Asia Sacramento 2012