April 14th 2012,

Today, Miss Asia Sacramento was invited to Sacramento State’s Retro Reinvention Fashion Show, where it was my first public appearance event with Judy Lee and teen princess, Brook Zhan and the miss court. It was so much fun to see all the beautiful models strut their stuff! As we sat and watched the show, we saw unique pieces of clothing and so much more. The models were stunning and the people were very welcoming. During the fashion show. I was introduced to Jennifer, the SFA Secretary! The SFA team put on a great show!

The girls and I were walking around the room to look at the booths where we saw a lot of creative and beautiful articles of clothing. There were some booths that I never heard of and it was a great experience to see everything that people made and came up with! They were very innovated! I enjoyed seeing their work!

The day came to an end and we were all exhausted! The night was fun and entertaining! I wish to do it again sometime with all the girls!

Michelle Thach, Miss Teen Asia Sacramento