The Mrs. Vietnam Sacramento Pageant was the very first pageant I attended as Queen. The Mrs. Vietnam Sacramento Pageant is a pageant for older women who are married or has had children.The women compete for the title “Mrs. Vietnam”. It was an amazing experience since I had the chance to see these beautiful women and their personalities show. The women were stunning on the stage and under the lights. I had the job of seating guests at their tables, selling raffle tickets and strut in a fashion show. The clothing were very well designed and fit perfectly. The clothes were designed to look vintage. All the contestants did a wonderful job and they all deserved to win but the night ended with Mrs. Phuong Nguyen being crowned as the 2012 Mrs. Vietnam Sacramento. Congratulations to her and her success. May she have a wonderful year as queen for Mrs. Vietnam Sacramento. I enjoyed the night and wish to attend another pageant like this.ImageThe new Mrs Vietnam Sacramento, Mrs. Phuong Nguyen.