April 20, 2012 – Heat Shabu Baru Restaurant

In honor of all the hard work the MAS staff has put in from day one, the Executive Director, Debra Ichimura hosted a MAS Staff Appreciation dinner at my favorite restaurant and sponsor, Heat Shabu Baru.  This was the very first time that teen queen, Michelle and I gathered with the staff as new staff members of Miss Asia Sacramento.  We first started in indulging in the appetizers–fried gyozas and BBQ albacore.  Then came the delicious kobe beef and veggies, where we cook our own meat in the spicy Tonkatsu and spicy Miso soups.  If that wasn’t filling already, Anthony, the owner of Heat Shabu Baru created his very own special drinks for all the lovely ladies to enjoy, and on top of that, green tea ice cream to end the night! Boy was it a full and delicious meal!

Thanks Anthony for not only being the best sponsor, but for being such a brilliant owner and friend.  Thanks Debra for coordinating this event and gifted the staff with goody bags and personalized name tags! Thanks MAS staff–Sabrina, Sherry, Lily, Sarah, Winnie, Wip, Jeannie, Jessica, Suzie, and Erica for all the hard work you all put in for the pageant!<3



Miss Asia Sacramento 2012