July 15, 2012 – Photoshoot @ Heat Shabu Baru Restaurant 

I was so happy to see most of the 2012 MAS girls today since I haven’t seen some of them since pageant night, and it almost felt like pageant night all over again.  The MAS 2012 Photoshoot took place at my lovely sponsor’s–Heat Shabu Baru Restaurant in Sacramento.  The super cute theme was tea party and glam, something similar to the hit series on CW, Gossip Girl.  All the girls had the amazing MAS makeup coordinator, Sherry Vang, and hair stylist Ling Chan to do our hair and makeup, and the MAS photographer, Grace Ballesteros to do the entire shoot.  We started the shoot outside with a beautiful courtyard filled with cupcakes, cookies, tea sets, and the lovely waterfall background.  All queens then took individual shots for next year’s promotion inside the restaurant, along with the rest of the miss and teen’s courts after.  The day ended too short, but was filled with fun and laughter. Thank you to Anthony at HSB for your endless support to MAS, and MAS staff — Debra, Jeannie, Sherry, Grace, and Sabrina for putting together such a lovely photoshoot! Now, check out the behind the scenes from the shoot, and keep updated with my blogs for next year’s promotion! Thank you all and stay tuned!



Miss Asia Sacramento 2012