I was never a girly girl growing up. I love swimming but that sport is far from being feminine. You spend lots of time in the pool training then you hair gets super damaged. My classmates use to make fun of me all the time. Hey, what’s on your head, Sabrina? Some dry out grass? They have no ideas and words can’t really express the awesomeness I felt each time when I compete and win!! I could care less I was without the make up and wearing jeans and shorts most of the time!

Now when I look back, I did miss some very fun things as a young girl. I also have become a mother at my early 20th.  All my life is about others so far. Taking care the kids and husband at home, making sure the staff’s need is fulfill in the office. My propriety is never about myself.

Well, this has been changing recently. As one of the MAS Representative, I have been in photo shoots quite often lately. We have some of the best local hairdressers, makeup artists like Ling Chan, Sherry Vang to doll us up, looking glamorous, elegant, graceful then posing for the camera…..And do you know who the photographer is? Grace Ballestero. (Don’t know who is she? Check her out at http://www.Missasiahawaii.com) I have never got so much tender loving care from the person I barely know. It’s amazing people like Debar Ichimura, The CEO of the MAS Organization really cares and wants to make sure every one of us feeling not just good but great! Then there is this lovely girl name Jeannie Lau who is part of the very talented MAS Graphic Design team always cheers me up when she sees me!

Is July 15, 2012 just another normal Sunday for you? Not for us! Today we are shooting a Tea Party scene at Heat ShaBu Restaurant (located at the corner of 18th street and Broadway, Sacramento) for next year’s poster and flyers. The Miss, Miss Teen and Mrs. Asia Sacramento 2012 and courts are part of this very happy outdoor gathering. (Jenny Bolton, Pinhwa Su, Brook Zhan, Samantha Termizi, Christina Sohyu Lee, Kalai Lam, Jamie P. Buatista, Michelle Thach, Judy Lee, Sabrina Q Chen)

Speaking of being girly, you can’t get any better than this. The court yard of the Heat ShaBu was decorated as an English style afternoon Tea party setting. There were seasonal fruits, home make cookies and some fresh flowers on the table which was cover up with the white, beaded lace table cloth. All the beautiful young women were in their cocktail dresses chatting away, drinking tea. The atmosphere of the shooting is so joyful; the smells of the blossom sunflowers and roses blow into my face with the summer breeze. The sky is blue, the sun is warm. I close my eyes for a second, I m reliving my missing adolescent at this very moment. In the twinkle of an eye, the flesh of the camera takes me to a fantasy world, a queen land called Mrs. Asia Sacramento!

I am so grateful of every experience that came to my way. Especially the unpleasant ones because those are the ones serve me the most to become a better stronger person. Praise the Lord!

I delight in the beauty of this Sunday afternoon at Heat ShaBu.

Thank you Tony, The owner of the Heat ShaBu restaurant!