Saturday night was a night to remember. The Little Miss Capital City Pageant took place in downtown Sacramento at the Crest Theater. This theater brought back memories of where I had my first fashion show and where I heard about Miss Asia Sacramento. This pageant is especially unique since they taught young girls that beauty is from within and not what other people see. This pageant also taught the girls to be comfortable with themselves thus having better self esteem.

As the pageant started, I was excited to meet the pageant competitors and see them perform on stage. The girls that I met were nice and polite. During the pageant, scholarships were given out to many important people. Scholarship foundations were started and I enjoyed watching the many scholars receive these awards.

This pageant had a modeling portion and a talent portion, which I enjoyed watching! There were many talented girls that performed on stage. Although, some of them were nervous, I knew that they were having a fun time on stage because I was having fun watching the girls.

At the end of the night, we took pictures of the girls and also with the girls! The little girls were precious and cute. I thank the pageant and Ms. Candace for inviting Miss Asia Sacramento to join this wonderful pageant. I wish to do something like this again.

Miss Teen Asia Sacramento, Michelle Thach