July 27, 2012 – Global Fashion Showcase & Cooking Show @ CAL EXPO

Today started off with the Global Fashion Showcase.  MAS was invited to do a fashion show segment in front of hundreds of people at the California State Fair.  It was like Déjàvu for a quick second because my court and I were in our ethnic gowns, introducing ourselves as if it was pageant night all over again.  The emcee for the event was MAS’ very own emcee, Harmail Chatha.  Hearing all the applause and support from the Sacramento community made us feel super welcomed.

Next event was the Cooking Show Demo.  MAS had two segments–one with me and two of my court members–Christina and Samantha, where we demonstrated delicious dishes from my very own sponsor, Heat Shabu Baru Restaurant; the other segment consisted of teen queen Michelle, Jenny, and Sabrina, in which you can read more about in our teen queen’s blog.  My segment consisted of two dishes: first one was the grilled mussels, and the last one was the infamous shabu shabu dish–100% kobe beef with miso soup based broths (spicy & non-spicy), vegetables like tofu, japanese noodles, spinach, cabbage, carrots, peppers all can be dipped in two different house secret specialty sauces.  The process from preparing to cooking and entertaining a group of 60 people was nothing but fun and a memorable experience.  The audience was able to sample our dishes, and they all simply left us nothing but positive feedback. Thank you Heat Shabu Baru for your endless support to MAS, and thank you Stephanie Jurkowski for inviting MAS to do cooking demos this year at CAL EXPO!

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