Today, we are joining the Global Fashion Show and doing a Cooking Demonstration for the Annual California State Fair, Cal Expo Exhibition.

I have always admired the domestic Diva Martha Stewart who has elevated a housewife’s house work to an amazing art form and built up a hugely successful career. Her passion, her dedication for work had inspired millions of women around the world to see how if we tried our best, our best can motivate others to do the same, too.  I have never thought the house work is equally important as bringing home the becon. But Martha Stewart had shown her way of earning the respect of being a mom and women to all of us. The world needs good seeds, and society needs people to perform good deeds. I love Mother Teresa’s quote:  Even you will be forgotten the next second when you are doing good things, But do it any way!

Today is another day and we are here to serve our community with honor and privilege!

When we were walking on the stage wearing the ethic costumes for the Global Fashion Show while the MAS pageant music was playing in the air, I felt shivers were running up and down my spine. It was like pageant night all over again. The older I have become, the more I agree… is skin deep, there is nothing more beautiful than doing what’s right; there is nothing more beautiful than being good, being kind, being humble, being loyal, being forgiving and having self control! I would say our fashion show was one of the highlights of the Fair!

Cooking was never my talent or skill. After many years of cooking for the kids at home, I now like to eat anything I don’t have to do a big job on. Our Team with Michelle Thach and Jenny Mo made two very different dishes. Both are healthy, inexpensive, and easy to prepare. Judy Lee’s team demonstrated some really yummy, unique recipes from her famous sponsor, Heat Shabu’s Restaurant. The audience could not get enough of our Tofu Salad, Chicken Stir fry and all the Shabus (Please go have lunch or dinner at Heat Shabu and ask the owner Anthony what Shabu means)! We finished the cooking show with the impression that we rocked it!

If you cook our dishes for lunches or dinners for the entire summer, I am sure you will keep your bikini/Speedo size for next year! Good Luck!

1)Greek Tofu Salad  (

2)Chicken Stir Fry    (

3)Heat Shabu  Restaurant   (2416 18th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818)

Keep your forks; the best is yet to come. Earlier before the show I saw some very tempting, devil-looking chocolate brownies and Vanilla ice-cream cakes backstage which were probably prepared by some local professional cooking expects. I rushed to the back of the stage the second our show was done. Thank God, those little sweeties were still there! Once in a while, I decided to pig out on my diet…….. The dessert were just out of the world, they were heavenly delicious!

Before we headed home for the day, Jenny Mo and Christina Lee decided to take me for a basketball hoop shooting game at the Fair. They told me they are better than Yao Ming. I know myself who is a bench warmer at this game, so I just sat back and watched.

Can you believe that these two little girls came back with 3 live size Smurfs? I got one, too! What a great way to end the day!

It was so nice seeing you: Judy Lee, Christina Lee, Samantha Termizi, Jenny Mo, and Michelle Thach, and Anthony Heat Shabu again!