Tonight, I had the pleasure of supporting the 2012 delegates of the Miss Asian Pageant! I also had the honor to cheer on MAS 2010 contestant, Emily Tang. This pageant was held at The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Although the weather wasn’t it’s greatest, the pageant was enjoyable, entertaining, and fun.

The pageant had a VIP session where all of the visiting queens and the important sponsors had the chance to eat and enjoy themselves. Judy, Miss Asia 2012, and I walked around and saw Miss Asia Teen Queen 2011, Christina Yan, at this event. I was very excited and happy to see her!

The pageant was emceed by the lovely Freska Griarte and Steve Cho. They entertained the crowd and kept the night going by talking about the delegates or simply talking about the pageant. Miss Asian Pageant had much entertainment such as singing and dancing. Tonight, we had Miss Carlen Jewelle and Mr Gene Flores sing us songs. They both did outstanding!

The delegates had different stages for the competition. Such as swimwear, ethnic, platform, and final question. In which all the delegates did very well in.

As the night came to a close the following awards and titles were given out:

Miss Asian Global Susie Lee
Miss Asian America/1st Princess Emily Tang
Miss Asian California/2nd Princess April Kim
Miss Asian San Francisco/3rd Princess Jasmine Lee

Miss Talent Meizi Shi
Miss Congeniality Diana Nguyen
Miss Community Service Jasmine Nip
Miss Scholastic Achievements Diana Nguyen

Miss Popularity Jasmine Lee
Miss Entrepreneur Meizi Shi
Miss Photogenic Sarah Choi
Best in Ethnic Attire Susie Lee
Facebook Choice Award Bianca Beatrice Darmawan

We are very proud of Emily Tang for her title and Jasmine Nip for her awards! Great job girls!

Miss Teen Asia Sacramento, Michelle Thach