Each year, the pageant organization hosts a makeup and styling workshop to demonstrate the most up-to-date makeup and hair styling technique to help the current queens and courts to improve their “do-it-yourself “skills.

Getting up in the morning knowing that I am going to see the MAS team puts me in a great mood. I have not seen them for a while!

Sherry Vang is the makeup artist, and Ling Chan is the hairdresser for the presentation. I love these two very skillful, sweet and responsible teammates.

I remember the last time when I saw them it was at the Tea Party photo shoot. Because I usually don’t really do much of make up so I am always very uncomfortable when tons of “stuff” is put on my face. Sherry knows me too well, but we have a photo shoot to do, so I have to surrender myself to her and Ling. Can you imagine how they have to baby sit my emotions during the preparation time as well?

I have worked with Sherry a couple of times before, so I trust her very much. I know I am in good hands when I am working with her. Then here comes Miss Ling Chan, the newest addition at the time to the MAS team.  During the preparation, Ling followed Debra’s instructions of how she imagined the poster of Mrs. Asia to look, and then Ling started working on my hair.

When I took the first look in the mirror afterward, my reaction was:  Who is this? Is that a bird’s nest on my head? Whoa…. What happened?  I really thought if I put some eggs inside my hair, those little birds would hatch……I was not impressed!

But that’s just me being me…. Afraid of a change!

The idea of the picture, the makeup, the hairstyle, the golden dress, and the photographer (Grace Ballesteros, GB Studio.com) have shown a tremendous talent of capturing the moment for the poster…We pulled it off.  When the MAS graphic team members Kane Chac and Jessica Chao step in to finalize the work, I witnessed a miraculous effort from a great team called Miss Asia Sacramento.

The poster looks divine and angelic! I am so impressed!

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I love my bird’s nest hairstyle the most. I am so happy that I didn’t miss this workshop today, so that whatever the next photo shoot is, I am ready, ready for something more fun and exciting! Thank you, Sherry and Ling!

Ling, you promised to treat us like VIPS when we visit your salon.

Thank you, Debar!  You always make us feel like is Christmas time at every single meeting.