Mrs. Asia Sacramento photo shoot and Orientation Luncheon.

Time flies by so quickly. The contestant orientation luncheon for the Mrs. Asia Sacramento is already today.

I still feel like it was yesterday when I was crowned as the very first Mrs. Asia Sacramento, but today all the beautiful contestants had remind me is time for me to get ready to move on. ……Aw…. I am just warming up to my title!

The photo shoot is the funniest part of the event besides the parade riding conversable cars…… There is so much to say about the photo shoot….want to look like Audrey Hepburn? No problem…. You have some of the most talented artists from the local make up, hair dresser and photographer group like Sherry, Ling and Grace!

I was laughing with them because they had the exact same reactions when I got my first photo shoot last year. I was never into make-up and never thought I needed much. Therefore after the first super heavy glamour up do I thought I saw an alien in the mirror……But all the contestants are still so fresh looking and in great shape after couple of kids! Some of them had their very first pair of fake eyelashes at this photo shoot….I use to think the fake lashes are just a waste…. But now, the more exaggerate the better, I love them………I had a pair like the bird’s wings to complete my retro look for this shoot in deed……



They were all so busy at the shoot but when we sit down for the orientation we finally got a chance to introduce ourselves and get to know each other.

My God…. Who picked the restaurant for the orientation luncheon? The place is so fine and the food is just delicious. The meeting went so well with fine wine and good food.

I did pay super attention when the agenda was given by Debra to all of us while I was enjoying dim sum, too.  In my house no one thinks he/ she is Chinese so I don’t get to live like a Chinese in my own home. Please allow me to take advantage today and eat as much as I wish!

The contestants were pretty nervous at first but then knowing the fact that we are here to support them and help them to achieve their dreams then they start to open up …..hahahah…… The fun starts!

On their way……….The next Mrs. Asia Sacramento!

Thank you, Grace, Sherry, Ling, Susan and Debra!