Hello everyone, the following is the latest event I participated in as Mrs. Asia Sacramento; of which I modeled Wedding Dress in a wedding show at a Catholic church in Sacramento. The wedding dresses were provided by “Alexandra’s Formals,” and other pageant winners participated as wedding dress models. The dress of my choice was a “creamy-white dress,” which I selected with the assistance of (Giselle), the Store’s Executive Director. The color is unique among the traditional white wedding dresses, and was a change for me, in that I wore the traditional white dress for my own wedding. The modeling show gave me an opportunity to try different styles of wedding dress, and I had lots of fun trying on the various styles.
The show took place on February 16, and I arrived at 7:30 to get my day’s activities started. A number of vendors were present; showcasing wedding cakes, wedding dresses, and wedding services throughout various booths.

Fourteen other models and three cute little flower girls participated in the wedding dress modeling show. My day started with makeup and hairstyle, which took a little over an hour. As you could imagine, make-up is an important daily routine for a woman beyond her twenties. After the make-up was applied, I felt like I was in my twenties again. However, I am a woman of sensitivity, and believe that true beauty comes from within, and the accomplishment during a woman’s life is more important than her external beauty. Those things enhance a woman’s appeal, and make’s her more elegant and able to maintain a vibrant glow as she matures with age.

Anyway, the show began, and the 14-models, bridesmaids, and flower girls, walked down the stage “catwalk” as it would be in a real modeling show for a wedding ceremony showcasing wedding dresses.

I found it interesting, that we were so concentrated in preparing ourselves; that we forgot who would be our groom and groomsmen’s models. Fortunately, the event’s organizer had already arranged for that part of the wedding. As I walked towards the stage, the groom and groomsmen were waiting for us. The model who escorted me was a tall handsome gentleman, and as sounds of the weeding march began, I could not help but feel a little tense and shy, and remembered the day of my own wedding. While standing in the center of the stage, I admired the other beautiful brides and bridesmaids models and there dresses, and how each of them had their own unique charm and beauty. I felt very proud sharing the stage with them!

I participated in two wedding shows that day, and wore two different styles of wedding dresses. I enjoyed the show very much, and it was my first modeling experience. It felt great.

In closing, I think external beauty will eventually fade, but if one’s heart and soul is also beautiful, then one’s beauty will be eternal, and the clothe we wear will only look more dazzling. Stay tuned for my next adventure.