Ling Chan was born and raised in Malaysia. Although she now lives in the United States, she has maintained a close relationship with her family that still lives far away. Her parents taught her valuable life lessons such as good work ethics, pride in whatever she does, always do her best, and treat others with kindness and respect. Perhaps that explains why Ling has blossomed into the beautiful person she has become.
Armed with her core values for life, her love for others, and her passion for beauty and glamor, she began to study and develop the craft she loves so much. And now, after almost a decade of experience as a hair stylist, multiple shows and competitions, and graduating the rigorist Vidal Sassoon training, she has become one of the most coveted stylist and glamour consultants in Northern California.
Ling’s goal is to use her talents and her genuinely warm and caring personality to bring out the beauty and glamor in everyone she meets. Thus, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Is it any wonder why her clients love and adore her? After all, to Ling, it is about creating lasting relationships of love, respect, honor, AND making you look your best.


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