Miss Teen Asia Sacramento 2012

Michelle Thach, our new 2012 Miss Teen Asia Sacramento, is fifteen years old. Born and raised in Sacramento, California. She is proudly representing the Chinese Community. Apart from her crowning of Queen she was rewarded “Miss Photogenic”, “Miss Talent” and presented with the Katie Cramer Award. She is currently a Sophomore, on to becoming a Junior, at Elk Grove High school, Home of the Thundering Herd. Michelle is focusing in the Pediatric field and hopes to become a pediatrician. She is active in her school’s Key Club, which is an organization focusing on Volunteerism. She enjoys playing her flute and piano. Michelle also took Jazz & Hip-Hop Dance as a hobby outside of school. Not only is she excited about being Queen and representing her community but also a role model for young women.
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Miss Teen Asia Sacramento 2011

This year, I’m excited to not only share my experiences with all of you, but also show the world myself.  I’m currently a junior in high school in Sacramento. I’m your typical high school student trying to get into a great college. I’m taking AP classes and regular ones as well. My strong suit is history, my weakness is math. I’m also currently part of the Yearbook class, which is something I enjoy being in. I love the school I go to, my friends make it the best. My favorite time at school though? Lunch.  Besides my pageant duties and school work, I’m an avid dancer. I’ve been dancing since I was 6 years old at the dance studio I go to. This year, I’m in Senior Company there learning ballet, tap, lyrical, jazz, and technique.  When I’m not there, at school, or home, you can find me at the mall, the movies, or Starbucks hanging out with friends and being a regular teenage girl. I love singing along to songs in the car, reading fashion magazines, taking road trips, going to dinner with friends.  My life is as simple and intricate as I want it right now. I can’t wait for college, I’m hoping to go somewhere in Southern California or out of state. Click here to read her blog.
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Miss Teen Asia Sacramento 2010

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Deanna Nguyen – I am currently 16 years old attending high school as a junior. After weeks of determination and preparation, I was put on stage to compete against 3 other beautiful young ladies. In result of early April, I was crowned April 3rd of this year, and now hold the title of Miss Teen Asia Sacramento 2010. I am very proud and honored to represent the Sacramento community and the Vietnamese culture.  What is a MAS queen to Deanna? A queen in my eyes is a very elegant and classy role model. Not only is she a role model to her community, but she should act as a role model to other communities as well. A queen is expected to set good examples for others, hold a large amount of responsibility, and an individual that many look up to. She should be able to carry herself off and on camera, and become deeply involved with the community. In addition, a MAS queen should perform task on her own time not because she is forced to, but because she wants to. In conclusion, I will do my best to stay true to what I believe a MAS queen is. Click here to read her blog.

Miss Teen Asia Sacramento 2009

Ni hao! My name is Mia Zheng, and I’m an undergraduate student majoring in Health Sciences Kinesiology at Rice University in Houston, Texas. I was crowned Miss Asia Sacramento First Princess and honorary Miss Asia Teen Sacramento in 2009. Last summer, I received the Loewenstern Fellowship to volunteer in Shanghai, China for 3 months at the Shanghai Bo Ai Children’s Rehabilitation Center and Zi Luo Lan School for Underprivileged Children. At Bo Ai, I worked one-on-one with the children on hand coordination and finger flexibility while at Zi Luo Lan, I worked as an English teacher for 1st, 3rd, and 8th grade classes. Those months were an amazing but extremely challenging experience. The kids I worked with at Bo Ai are either physically or mentally disabled, and will most likely be dependent on some sort of support system for the rest of their lives. They live in a traditional Chinese community where the differences that autism, Down’s Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy brings are not welcome, but seen as a huge hindrance. Furthermore, the technology is not as advanced in China when it comes to rehabilitation or adaptive learning, and the staff has less training and experience than typical rehab centers in the US. However, in my time working there, I have seen more optimism and compassion in the tiny rooms at Bo Ai than I have seen anywhere else back in the States.At Zi Luo Lan, most of the children come from low-income farming families, and live in shacks the size of my bathroom at home. However at both of my placements, these children are not deterred by physical, mental, or monetary differences. They know how to laugh, to dream, and most importantly, to love. It’s a huge reality check to compare their lives with my own, and to learn how to appreciate the things and opportunities that I have been blessed with. I encourage young women and girls to look for opportunities that will give them the chance to travel to places less fortunate as their own communities. It will broaden your perspectives of the world we live in, and help you to work towards a goal of making a positive difference. If you would like more information or would like to help Bo Ai, please visit: www.boaikids.com.

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