A warm welcome and thanks for sharing this evening with us. On behalf of the Miss Asia Sacramento Scholarship Foundation staff and the 12 radiant contestants in our 5th Annual Miss Asia Sacramento (MAS) and 4th Annual Miss Teen Asia Sacramento (MTAS) Pageant, I hope you have an entertained and inspired evening.

While honoring our Asian tradition and heritage, we acknowledge the ever developing cyberworld. The show opens with traditional 2000-year-old traditional Japanese Taiko drums performed by the UC Davis Taiko group. In appreciating our beautiful and ancient Asian culture, we also embrace the fun and fast paced high tech IT world we live in. The MAS contestants model edgy sportswear from Playez International with their high tech gear; epitomizing ying and yang – our past and future.

Tonight we also get to know our reigning queens, Namy Herr, Miss Asia Sacramento, Christina Yan, Miss Teen Asia Sacramento; Phet Tran, Miss Congeniality and Community Service; Elodie Thao, MAS Princess; Simone Sarmiento, MTAS Princess; and Sabrina Chen, Mrs. Asia Sacramento. I havehad the pleasure of learning more about each of them on a more personal level this past year and am proud to see them shine on stage tonight. I dare you to introduce yourself to any of them and you will agree that they are just as beautiful inside.

Thank you for supporting this event and program. We would also like to send a special thanks to our sponsors, GB Studios, Grace Ballesteros, international photographer, Peppermill Resort, Allan Su, Director of International Player Development, Anita Johnson, CPA, Mary Vosika, Financial Advisor, Principal Financial, Terri Johnson, Etiquette Instructor, Shiseido Downtown Plaza, Christine Rodrigues, Jeff Won, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley, Salon Bravissimo and owner, Joy, Crossings TV, Dr. Peter Wu, Gavrilov and Meyers Law Firm, VIP Cat Academy, Oshima Sushi/Fugu Lounge, Go Girl, Madeline Madeline, Satori Restaurant, Estrella Limousine, Jesse Hernandez, APA News and Review, Asian American Pacific Islander Association, APOA, and Heat Shabu Restaurant, to name a few.


From the Director of MAS


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