“The Miss Asia Sacramento pageant truly provides its girls the opportunity for self-improvement and growth. The most amazing experience I had did not simply take place the year I competed but many years following pageant night. I would often return to MAS to help the new contestants with walking, interview and overall poise. I gained a much deeper understanding of pageantry through helping girls who were once like me. It honestly had to be one of the most influential things I’ve ever done as a titleholder as well, to be able to teach another about the pains and mistakes I’ve overcome. I take pride in helping other girls because this is what my dearest pageant friends did for me. Their help is sincerely the greatest gift I’ve ever received and it is something I intend to pass down to the next generation of MAS girls.”


“I joined MAS to push outside of my comfort zone and to try something I’ve always wanted to do in my life time. MAS not only showed me the importance of giving back to the community but it also showed me that I can achieve much more than any title and that is self confidence. Along the way, I’ve met new friends that genuinely care about one another’s wellbeing and became a strong support system when there were times that we needed that extra push. Driving from San Francisco didn’t discourage me from anything, anything you put your mind to you can achieve inside, and that is what’s most important. Community service day was one of my most memorable moments in this journey because it was a time where all the girls were out of pageant mode and having fun and being goofy all together as we packed gift bags of makeup to give to a local organization, My Sister’s House. All in all, MAS brought out the confidence in me and regardless of anyone’s outcome, everybody left pageant night with something gained.”

HELENA CHOW               

“You Only Live Once” -Drizzy Drake

“My experience with this pageant was unforgettable. Not only was it beneficial to my life, but it was really fun at the same time. I remember starting off in this pageant not knowing what to expect at all, and leaving with some gained expertise in the world of pageants. At first, I was concerned that even though we rehearsed every Sunday, I would still mess up on pageant night due to nervousness. But when the day came, I wasn’t nervous at all. I realized the staff did an amazing job at preparing us for that night without us even knowing it. I hope to compete in more pageants in the future and use this experience to guide me throughout my life.”


“Participating in the 2012 Miss Asia Sacramento Pageant was a really great experience. I felt that I have grown a lot after this journey. I learned a lot from all the staff and all the contestants. Pageant night was definitely a day I will always remember. It was really nerve racking and a lot of fun at the same time. Even though I didn’t win anything, I am still every happy with what I have accomplished. I am really thankful for all the support from my family, friends, and MAS staff. I love you all!

PINHWA SU               

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” -Denis Waitley

“By joining and winning Miss Asia Sacramento, not only has it helped me boost my self confidence and self-esteem, it has also transformed me into a better and new me. I will never forget this life-changing and memorable experience. Thank you to my family, friends, and the MAS staff in helping me every step of the way. I love you all.”


“My MAS experience will forever be a part of me because it has helped me develop into the person I am today. As the assistant director says, “Once a part of MAS, always a part of MAS”. I’m proud to be a MAS girl!


“Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of MAS, we cared and loved each other just like a family would. It is truly one of the most amazing experience i have ever had. Without a doubt, I have grew so much as a person in the past 40 days. Not only have I gained the unforgettable experience, I have also gained more self-confidence, public speaking skills, knowledge and the most exciting part new Friendship!
Thanks for all the help and support from family, friends and of course the wonderful MAS staff, I couldn’t have done it without you! I cherished every little moment spent with the MAS family, I appreciate all the support and encouragement I received from you, and my best memories are made by MAS! Thank You!”


“Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.” -John F. Kennedy

“I joined Miss Asia Sacramento because I felt like it would help me conquer my fears and boost my self confidence. MAS has done this for me and much more. I have grown so much in this process and I just want to thank all of the lovely staff for making this the successful pageant it has become. I’d have to say my favorite event would be volunteering for AADP at the Davis Chinese Christian Church. I had a lot of fun that day walking around and getting people to register to be a donor. The most memorable moment about pageant night would have to be coronation. Wining the title of MAS Princess was a surreal and magical moment. It was so memorable because it was what we have been working so hard for and preparing for the past few months. Thank you MAS for this amazing once in a lifetime experience.”


“MAS was a unique and exciting stage of my life. The social events, photoshoots and rehearsals were a truly challenge to my persona, but they were incredible fun, educational and promoted my self confidence and inner growth. Pageant night was the most exciting and rewarding, as it put all the effort in perspective. Challenge, goal, discipline, courage, mind, heart and soul… these became my everyday words during the process. I am deeply thankful with all the people who supported me, gave me advice, sent me messages and help with all the details. Thank you all for putting your part in the making of this Miss Asia Sacramento Princess.”


“My most memorable moment on pageant day was the dress rehearsal. I rememeber receiving many little gifts and goodies from the others and thinking “wow! I am really lucky to have been able to experience this and be able to share it with these other gorgeous ladies!” I also remember the feeling in the air, it was somewhat hectic but at the same time we had all been prepared so well that it felt natural and like we didn’t have to work to hard because it was just about programmed into us. Thank you all for helping me along my way through this amazing experience!”


“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” -Harriet Tubman

“This life journey made me realize beautiful things in life. I cannot express how proud I am of all the girls that have the courage to get on that stage and rocked it! Moreover, it was an honor to represent my beautiful country, Korea. By joining Miss Asia Sacramento, I hoped to discover my weaknesses and polish them and find my strength and perfect them.I believe it was a great decision to join MAS family and It was nice sharing everlasting memories with my dear family and beloved friends. I have met great friends (contestants) and MAS staff who walked together through this wonderful, exciting journey. I cannot wait to serve the City of Sacramento!”


“It is an incredible feeling to have been the first to hold the title as Miss Teen Asia Sacramento. I held back and was so unsure of joining MAS at first, but I’m so happy to have stuck through it. My whole journey from start to finish created countless amount of memories for me that I will cherish for eternity. I was introduced to a new world full of opprotunities; meeting new people, aiding the community, enhancing self character, etc.”


© 2013 Miss Asia Sacramento Scholarship Foundation, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. I love you girls! I know the experiences you have gained in this pageant will lead you to do incredible things!

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