Judy Lee

Miss Asia Sacramento 2012

Miss Judy Lee is the 2012 Miss Asia Sacramento. She is 22 years old, born and raised in San Francisco, California, and proudly represents her Chinese community. She is currently wrapping up her last quarter at the University of California, Davis, studying Statistics and Economics. Upon graduation in June 2012, she will be undergoing the process of applying to law school. Her passion is to one day become a lawyer, a Supreme Court Justice, and the President. She believes that knowing the law is very powerful, and through becoming a lawyer one day, she wants to help those who lack knowing the law and to fight for justice. Her platform is on raising the awareness of breast cancer. The founder of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation inspired her to stay strong and to never give up. Through the Miss Asia Sacramento Scholarship Foundation, she plans to reach out to young women in the greater Sacramento area to learn more about breast cancer.

She is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and Spanish. Cantonese was one of her primary languages while growing up. She learned how to read and write Mandarin Chinese in Chinese School for 12 years and is greatly appreciative of her mother who motivated her to continue and to finish strong. In Chinese School, she also practiced writing calligraphy—an art that trained her to be more patient in life. She learned Spanish all throughout high school for four years, and today, she still practices the language with her family and friends. On her spare time, she enjoys singing, dancing, and cooking. Artists like Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Teresa Teng inspired her to use her voice to speak her mind; music opens her heart to stay positive, humble, and motivated throughout her life. She enjoys cooking and baking because the process of cooking excites her, though it takes a lot of work effort and time, it has taught her to use her time wisely and to stay organized. Not only is she thrilled and honored to be on board as Queen of Miss Asia Sacramento, but she is ready to take this exciting journey in empowering young women in Sacramento.
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Miss Asia Sacramento 2011

The 2011 Miss Asia Sacramento is Namy Herr, she is 18 years old and was raised in the Greater Sacramento area. She is of the Hmong decent and is the first Hmong to be crowned Miss Asia Sacramento. Upon being crowned, she was also awarded “Miss Talent” and “Miss Popularity.” She is attending the University of California, Merced and majoring in Biological Sciences with hopes to pursue a career in the medical field and eventually work overseas. She serves her community not only locally, but she serves internationally as well– giving back to various countries by participating in projects. Furthermore she enjoys singing, outdoor activities, and going on road trips. The 2011 Miss Asia Sacramento is ecstatic to be representing the Asian community in the Greater Sacramento area. Click to view her blog.

Miss Asia Sacramento 2010

I am very grateful for the unconditional love, support, and encouragement that my parents, brother, and friends gave me. I am honored to be part of this challenging and positive journey within the MAAP family.

Academic and Work History: Executive Pastry Chef

Platform: Encouraging Community Service and Involvement. My platform is important to the Asian American community because we must contribute to and be proud of the people and culture, which nurtured and did the same for us.

Role Model: Maxine Hong Kingston is an acclaimed Bay Area novelist of several award winning books including The Woman Warrior. Mrs. Kingston is an inspiring figure for her dedication as an activist and her attention to the cultural differences and assimilation between Chinese and American traditions. Click here to view her blog.

Miss Asia Sacramento 2009

Academic and Work History: Economics, Communication, Italian triple Major at the University of California, Davis ’10; Inroads Intern; Italian instructor & tutor; Finance Intern, Morgan Stanley; Pure Blendz, Inc. Spokesmodel Winner

Community Service: Miss Asia Sacramento 2009; Holy Family Day Home; Senior Citizen home visitations; Volunteers, Best Friends Learning Center

Platform: Leadership in Technology, emphasizing on Bridging Hi-Tech’s Gender Gap

Sponsor: Jeffrey Won of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

My dream is to pursue a career in marketing, where I can help create a message in a brand, while being in an environment that requires great skill in the spoken and written language, strong peer relationships, and a lot of confidence – Pageantry has helped pave the way for me in achieving these goals. I’d like to thank everyone in the Miss Asian America organization for helping me become the very best I could be.  Click here to view her blog.

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